89 Min/Color/35 mm/2008

Ali Vazirian
Born in 1960,Tehran,Painting
Persian Name Yek Vajab Aseman
Date of release 2008-12-10
Director Ali Vazirian
Screenplay Writer Ali Vazirian
Producer Javad Noroozbaygi, Seyed Hossein Haghgoo
Director of Photography Mohammad Akadpush
Editor Bahram Dehghani
Set & Costume Designer Jaleh Zakizadeh
Music Bardia Kiaras
Sound Farhad Arjmandi,HosseinAbolsedgh
Make-up Mehrdad Mirkiani
Special Effects Abbas Shoghi,Amir Saharkhiz
Cast Ali Soleymani, Behrouz Baghaee, Behzad Farahani, Ladan Tabatabaee,Sahand Jahedi, Armita Moradi, Afsar Asadi, Nader Soleymani,Mohsen Ghazimoradi

To earn his family's living, young Mohsen sells flowers on the crowded streets of the city.

Speaking to God at night, Mohsen sees an angel appearing to him.

He tells his wishes to the angel, and that he longs for a little piece of Heaven where he can take his family and friends there.

Providing his loved ones with a comfortable life is the ultimate dream of Mohsen.
By God's command, the angel gives him a little piece of Heaven.

At first nobody believes him receiving such blessing. However, once people start enjoying his divine gift, wicked plans start to take shape and ... .