90 min , color , 35 mm ,2004

Ensiyeh Shah Hosseini
Born in 1954 in Gorgan
Persian Name Qoroub Shod, Bia!
Date of release 2004-01-05
Director Ensiyeh Shah Hosseini
Screenplay Writer Ensiyeh Shah Hosseini
Producer Masoud Jafari Jozani
Director of Photography Mohammad Ahmadi
Set & Costume Designer Dariush Peyro
Music Mohammad Reza Aliqoli
Sound Bahman Heydari , Mohsen Rowshan
Make-up Abdollah Eskandari
Special Effects
Cast Ladan Mostoufi, Farhad Aslani , Bijan Emkanian , Ali Reza Osivand
The people in the coastal area never surrender to the arrows and slings of fortune . Their fidelity and steadfastness in friendship is exemplary . At times this adherence to principles of honor and friendship is so intense that at the moment of need the strongest men assume the role of Scapegoats for the weak and the man with the winning card leaves the game a loser ….