100 min , color , 35 mm , 1982

Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Born in 1957 in Tehran
Persian Name Tobeye Nasouh
Date of release 1982-06-07
Director Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Screenplay Writer Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Director of Photography Ebrahim Qazi Zadeh
Editor Rohollah Imami
Set & Costume Designer Reza Razavi
Music Firouz Branjan
Sound Issac Khanzadi
Make-up Valadbeygi
Special Effects
Cast Farajollah Salahshoor,Mohammad Kasebi , Behzad Behzadpoor
Lotf Ali Khan dies of a heart attack , but at the time of burial , he becomes alive again .
As this happens to him , he decides to repent .
He goes to people and asks for their forgiveness ...