100 min , color , 35 mm , 1998

Kamal Tabrizi
Born in 1959 in Tehran
Persian Name Sheyda
Date of release 1998-07-13
Director Kamal Tabrizi
Screenplay Writer Reza Maqsoudi
Producer Ardeshir Iran Nejad
Director of Photography Mohammad Aladpoush
Editor Hossein Zandbaf
Set & Costume Designer Mohammad Ali Najafi
Music Babak Bayat
Sound Mohsen Rowshan
Make-up Farid Kashan Fallah
Special Effects Reza Rastegar
Farhad gets wounded in the war and has lost his sight temporarily .
He is transferred to a desert hospital in which a nurse called Sheyda works .
Farhad suffers a lot and Sheyda reads Quran to heal his pain ….