110 min , color , 35 mm , 2003

Ebrahim Vahidzadeh
Born in 1944 in Mashad
Persian Name Moadele
Date of release 2003-03-16
Director Ebrahim Vahidzadeh
Screenplay Writer Hossein Mesqali ,Ebrahim Vahidzadeh
Producer Ebrahim Vahidzadeh
Director of Photography Dariush Ayyari
Editor Hasan Ayoubi
Set & Costume Designer Ali Abedini
Music Mohammad Reza Aligholi
Sound Behrooz Moavenian , Mohsen Rowshan
Make-up Mehri Shirazi
Special Effects
Cast Hossein Yari ,Merila Zareie , Saied Poursamimi, Soraya Qasemi
A mathematics genius named Bizhan , who is planning to marry Zohreh , his university classmate , decides to solve the multiple equation of his life with the aid of his father . But he facres a bigger problem , because his father does not accept Bizhan as his son ...