90 min , color , 35 mm , 1987

Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Born in 1957 in Tehran
Persian Name Esteazeh
Date of release 1987-03-15
Director Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Screenplay Writer Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Director of Photography Ebrahim Qazi Zadeh
Editor Iraj Golafshan
Set & Costume Designer Hossein Arkojani
Music Roubik Mansouri
Sound Ahmad Ahmadpoor
Make-up Abdollah Eskandari
Special Effects
Cast Mohammad Kasebi,Majid Majidi , Morteza Masaeli
The story is about five bewildered men who are tempted by the evil . One is drowned into the sea , the second one commits suicide . The third one who wants to kill the other , is killed himself . The last one gains salvation since he can overcome the satanic temptations ...