99 min , color , 35 mm , 1999

Ahmad Reza Darvish
Born in 1961 in Tehran
Persian Name Motevalede Mahe Mehr
Date of release 1999-11-09
Director Ahmad Reza Darvish
Screenplay Writer Ahmad Reza Darvish
Director of Photography Hasan Pooya
Editor Bahram Dehqan
Set & Costume Designer Mohsen Shah Ebrahimi
Music Mohammad Reza Aligholi
Sound Jahangir Mishekari
Make-up Seyed Mohsen Mousavi
Special Effects Mohsen Shah Ebrahimi
Cast Nigannad Reza Firiytab,Mitra Hajjar,Mahmoud Azizi
Mahtab studies Sociology and lives with her strict father , mother and her little brother .
She falls in love with her classmate . Girls and boys' classes have to get separated in the university and the situation become crisis .
? Denial's signature is forged under the notice .
Other students are very angry and talk to Mahtab about the matter ….