Goals And Policies

TBased on the approved article of association, Soureh Cinema Development Organization has been registered in Aug. 2000 by the office of registration of non commercial companies .
The goals are as follows :
  • Preparing the way for talents and visual and cinematic creativities through recognition, training, strengthening and introducing famous artists.
  • Preparing patterns for leading the artistic production into the right way and creating samples for visual and cinematic art.
  • Providing a situation to take benefit from the better cultural and artistic quality of cinematic and visual productions.
  • Supporting services for visual and cinematic productions.
  • Organizing and doing visual and cinematic researches.
  • Establishing, supervising and directing cultural, visual cinematic companies independently or with legal and real corporation.
  • Investing with real corporation to produce feature, short, scientific documentary, teaching , publicizing films and video productions.
  • Marketing and distributing cinematic works and productions.
  • Producing (the organization itself ), corporation in producing, purchasing, marketing, renting, exporting and importing, distributing any kind of film equipments (camera, sink, …)and visual and cinematic materials.
  • Developing fields and establishing performing art and distributing the visual and cinematic production and also promoting the standard of performance through investment and corporation in building, managing and taking benefits from the cinemas under the supervision of the organization.
  • Related publicizing and distributing with the kind of the organization activity.
  • Making contracts and engaging some transactions for requesting loans from the individuals, banks and credit institutes.
  • Accepting as an agency to be the representative company from the domestic and foreign companies according to the subject of the organization activity.
  • Investing commonly with internal and external partners based on the goals of the organization.
  • Celebrating festivals and congresses within the framework of the organization.
    Visual Arts Center

    This center is engaged in supporting, providing, producing, purchasing and internal and external distribution of the visual works in the frames of 35mm and 16mm and video film.

    Also by using TV and cinematic equipments and facilities, the Visual Arts Center undertakes the supporting responsibility of the produced works in the very center and other parts of the country's cinema and TV organization.
    Soureh Video Network, Young Filmmakers association, Iran Documentary Filmmakers Society are all of the active units in this center. Cultural Management

    This management refers to managing all the programs which deal with screenplay writing, screenplays, publication affairs of Soureh Cinema Development Organization, different festivals, their usage circumstances, participation and celebration, archive and the Film House.

    The ranks units of this management are as follows :
  • Film House
  • Publication Affairs
  • Screenplay Writing Workshop
  • Festivals
    There is an archive for the famous films belong to the cinema history for more investigation and analysis in order to provide other units of the very organization.
    The publication affairs refer to the activities like; publishing magazine and monthly publication concerning film criticism which is a professional cultural work among other cinematic journals . Other affairs deal with the cinema editing and publishing in Soureh Cinema Development Organization.
    Screenplay writing workshop is concerned with teaching verbal and non verbal classes for those who are interested in writing screenplays. The teaching workshops are held and supervised by the experienced and famous professors of screenplay writing of the country .The resulted scientific experiences and useful screenplays are applied to be produced professionally for the production departments inside and outside of the organization.

    There are fields for studying, investigating and celebrating various cinema festivals and all is supervised by Soureh Cinema Development Organization .
    Service Complex

    Soureh Cinema Development Organization is known as one of the dependant departments in the movie industry in our country since it possesses and manages 69 cinemas and 81 movie halls.
    Cinemas are supervised by the provincial centers .This complex intends to rebuild and renovate its movie halls and provides necessary situation for better training of the management board according to the precedence of its cinemas. This policy helps the cinema industry to get more improved.

    The centers and provinces of Soureh Cinematic Service Complex are as below :

    Tehran province
    Cinemas Esteghlal, Sepideh, Bahman 1 & 2, Ferdowsi, Payam, Dehkadeh, Shahed, Shaghayegh, Sheida, Baharan in Tehran and Fajr cinema in Islamshahr and Nasr and Fajr cinema in Karaj all give cinematic services.

    Fars and Booshehr province
    Cinemas Saadi, Ghiyam, Payam, Iran, Felestin, and Bahman in Shiraz

    East Azerbijan province
    Cinemas Enghelab, 29 Bahman (1), 22 Bahman, Ghods in Tabriz and Ershad and Ghods in Maragheh, Azadi in Sarab.

    West Azerbijan province
    Cinemas Iran, Azadi, Enghelab in Urmia, Saadi in salmas, Enghelab in Miyandoab, Ghods in Makou, Iran in Naghadeh, Enghelab and Iran in Khoy.

    West part of Iran
    Cinemas Azadi, Esteghlal, Piroozi in Kermanshah, Bahman, Sirvan in Sanandaj, Felestin and Ghods in Hamedan.

    Khorasan province
    Cinemas Hoveyzeh, Yasaman, Nastaran in Mashad and Bahman in Sabzevar, Ghods in Birjand.

    Lorestan province
    Cinemas Felestin and Azadi in Broojerd and Esteghlal in Khoram Abad.

    Khuzestan province
    Cinemas Africa, Felestin, Ghods in Ahwaz and Bahman in Dezful.

    Mazandaran province
    Cinemas Sepehr, Iran, Farhang in Sari, Resalat and 22 Bahman in Gorgan, Iran and Enghelab in Tonekabon, Bahman in Azad Shahr, Bahman in Behshahr, Hejrat and Ghods in Gonbad, Bahman 1 & 2 in Amol.

    Gilan province
    Cinemas 22 Bahman in Siahkal, Fajr in Roodsar.

    Isfahan province
    Cinemas Sepahan in Isfahan, Sepehr, Bahman and Saba in Kashan, Yasaman in Shahin Shahrand Bahman in Shahre Kord.
    Soureh Pictures Company

    Soureh Cinema Organization has developed its Cultural Cinematic career for two decades. Since 1981 this organization began its work with small projects and making short films and paved its way through the chaotic atmosphere of Iran's cinema in the very first year of the Islamic revolution; therefore Soureh Organization becomes more effective as possible . Its establishment in 1997 emphasized on the completeness and continuation of its activity , and this is implied as a turning point in the way it is organized and the development of its cinematic career to be more profitable in the country .
    Soureh Cinema Organization has produced and distributed many short and feature films belong to its valuable history and it has also applied thought and determination of famous and responsible artists, performing facilities (cinemas), and its technical support to improve the national, credit and civilized cinema.

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