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"A Cube of Sugar"
Date: 2012-08-22 | Source: SPC News
The youngest daughter of large Iranian family, Pasandide, is getting married. The day before the wedding, her sisters, brothers-in-law, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and grandparents all gather at the family compound of Uncle Ezzatolah.

The location, with its lush garden courtyards and labyrinthine parlors and passageways, is an ideal site for this multigenerational summer reunion-erratic electrical system notwithstanding.

The women cook, sew, gossip, and tease; the nephews try to frighten each other with ghost stories; one uncle digs for buried treasure while another worries about bad news from his doctor. In honor of the happy couple, there are presents, music, and a lavish feast. Yet before the ceremony can take place, a single sugar cube transforms the event into something quite different, if no less suffused by this family's love for one another.

Director Reza Mirkarimi captures the proceedings with imagery that is a celebration in its own right; vibrant with light and color, sometimes slipping into slow motion as if to linger in the beauty of these moments-some special, some quite ordinary-that make up the fabric of life itself.

A Cube of Sugar
"A Cube of Sugar"
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