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A Review : As Simple As That
Date: 2009-07-25 | Source: Soureh Pictures Company [SPC]
Tomorrow is a great and important day for Amir since he has participated in an international architecture competition .He has to win the prize . His wife, Tahereh , wishes to create a good and calm ...
"Mirkarimi" has pictured one day of Tahereh's life .She is very cautious and careful woman even in doing the housework.? A perfect but simple wife with the capabilities of a mother .

"As Simple As That" has things in common with " A Simple Happening" by Sohrab Shahid Sales.

You see that you have to give up to a suffering odd life, but instead there is an innocent atmosphere in "As Simple As That" yet we cannot find out the main source of Tehereh's problem .

We do not exactly know . Apparently "Tahereh" wishes to make a different decision and needs to consult with somebody .

She is confused and doesn't exactly know what to do . Is it right to let someone meddle with her problem or not ? Anyway everything reminds her being innocent .

At the end , we see her sitting while being helpless and we don't face with a determined woman . The same paradoxical condition is with Mohammad .Certainly he is not satisfied with his situation but there is no tendency to change it .

Changing subjects and their kind can open a better discussion in this case .Simply it reminds us of the very common subject of the poor little boy .

It is to be noted that the new subjects are acceptable because of their inactive specifications . Actions and reactions can be matched to the background of the story .

There you find two opposite circumstances like objection or silence and self control .
The camera is after "Tahereh" and we get aware of all details in her life .

The details , themselves have become more detailed like something the children's socks and the spaghetti stick to them!!
We can even smell her foods .Together with "Tahereh",

we gather the dirty clothes and do the shopping . This is exactly what has made "As Simple As That" . The camera shows us all corners of Mohammad's life . We even get out with Mohammad from the school for a long time and think about what he thinks .

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